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One platform
Infinite Solutions

Experience the power of CONECT™, where all your needs converge seamlessly, providing you with unparalleled versatility and efficiency to tackle any challenge that comes your way.


£250 P/M

The comprehensive, contract-free KYC/KYB tool with flexible scaling and consolidated data sources.


Roll out within 24 hours

24/7 email support

Basic analytics

48-hour support response time

Conect™ Pro

£2000 P/M

Unlock supplier ecosystem management with Conect™ PRO. Seamlessly automate and collaborate with advanced features for enhanced control.


20 day roll out

Dedicated account manager

Custom AI Builder

24-hour support response time

Custom API

Conect™ API

Empower your team with Conect's powerful features via our RESTful API. Streamline workflows and automate processes for seamless integration.

Please enquire

20 day roll out

Dedicated account manager

Custom AI Builder

1-hour, dedicated support response time

What our Clients Say:

"In the short period of time we have engaged with Albany Group’s Conect product, we have been able to provide enhanced visibility of core and critical third parties to centralise, harmonise and shorten essential but repetitive processes and ensure a single and central product through which business critical data and documentation can flow delivering considerable savings across the business”


~ Clint Milnes, Chief Information Officer, WINN Group

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