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One platform.
Infinite possibilities.

Save money with Conect™

Say goodbye to manual KYB processes and hello to Conect™!

Our automated solution provides a centralised hub for all your KYB data.

Save time and money and make informed business decisions by deploying Conect™ within minutes with no long-term contract and no training required. Conect™ is the perfect tool for businesses of all sizes.

Try Conect™ now and start streamlining your KYB processes today!

Unleash Profitability: Maximise Efficiency and Growth with Conect™

Conect™ is the end-to-end supplier relationship platform designed to revolutionise the way you manage your supplier ecosystem.


Built with cutting-edge technology and backed by extensive industry expertise, Conect™ offers a range of features and benefits that drive exceptional results.

Seamless Compliance, Uncompromising Trust

Ensure compliance and mitigate risks with Conect™ robust suite of features. Conduct AML checks on demand, perform sanctions and PEP screenings, and capture all relevant accreditation and ESG policies.

Streamlined Processes, Amplified Efficiency

Simplify and streamline your supplier management processes with Conect™ centralised hub. Store contracts, audit reports, and supplier data all in one place, ensuring easy access and complete visibility. From document uploads to adverse media monitoring, company data, UBO’s, credit risk, and more.

Unleash Collaboration and Productivity

Break down communication barriers and foster stronger collaboration with suppliers using Conect™. Create tasks, set reminders, and upload assessments, ensuring seamless interaction and efficient workflows. Centralise your policies, insurance, and tender documentation, enabling effective collaboration and enhanced productivity.

How it works:

Compare the two:


•               Centralised Hub: Streamline your document management.


•               Supplier Data Management: Log, record, and capture all your supplier data effortlessly.

•               Full Document and policies Upload: Store and manage all relevant data seamlessly .

•               AML Checks on Demand: Ensure compliance and mitigate risk with Conect™'s on-demand Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks.

•               Compliance Reports: Generate comprehensive compliance reports effortlessly, providing you with valuable insights into your organisation's compliance status. 

•               Credit Assurance: Protect your business and transactions with Conect™ credit assurance services. 

•               Sanctions & PEP Screening: Identify potential risks by conducting screenings against sanctions and politically exposed persons (PEP) lists.

•               Alerts and Monitoring: Stay informed in real-time with Conect™ alert and monitoring system. 

•               Company Data, UBO, Directors, Shareholders: Access critical information such as Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO), directors, and shareholders effortlessly with Conect™. 

•               Tasks and Reminders.

•               Upload Assessments.

•               Policy Capture and management.

•               Accreditation Capture.

•               ESG Policy Capture: Demonstrate your commitment to environmental, social, and governance.

•               Entity Builder: Construct and manage entity profiles effortlessly with Conect™'s entity builder. 

•               Real-time Risk Identification.

•               Accelerate Onboarding.

•               Access to Full Template Library.

Conect Pro™

Everything in Conect™ as well as:

•               Full Conect™ Functionality and Data: Maximise your KYC/KYB capabilities and harness the power of comprehensive data management.

•               Comprehensive and Customisable MI Suite: Take control of your data with Conect™ PRO's comprehensive and customisable Management Information (MI) suite. 

•               Automatic Reporting: Save time and effort with Conect™ PRO's automatic reporting feature.

•               Business Process Automation: Streamline your operations with Conect™ PRO's business process automation.

•               Task Creation and Automation.

•               Fully Functional API: Integrate seamlessly with external systems through Conect™ PRO's fully functional Application Programming Interface (API).


•               Customisable Assessments and Assessment Builder.

•               Customisable & branded Emails.

•               Full Audit Trail: Keep track of all activities and ensure transparency with Conect™ PRO's full audit trail. 

•               Alert and Escalation Processes: Stay ahead of potential risks and issues with Conect™ PRO's alert and escalation processes. 

•               Train-a-Trainer Support: Benefit from Conect™ PRO's train-a-trainer support, ensuring your team is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to maximise the platform's potential. 

•               Customisable Risk Scoring.

•               KPI Monitoring: Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) seamlessly with Conect™ PRO. 

•               Performance Tracking and Reporting

•               OCR Recognition.

•               AI Functionality.

•               Digital Signature.

•               Entity Builder: Construct and manage entity profiles effortlessly with Conect™ PRO's entity builder.

What our Clients Say:

"In the short period of time we have engaged with Albany Group’s Conect product, we have been able to provide enhanced visibility of core and critical third parties to centralise, harmonise and shorten essential but repetitive processes and ensure a single and central product through which business critical data and documentation can flow delivering considerable savings across the business”


~ Clint Milnes, Chief Information Officer, WINN Group







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