We specialise in risk, intelligence & technology and proudly serve the banking, legal and insurance sectors.

Some say it can't be done, We say it can.

Creating the next generation of Regulation and Compliance technology

By working In partnership with key insurers and data providers. We have been able to create a suite of platforms that interact with each other and that you can tailor to meet your regulatory obligations and compliance needs.

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We're not like other risk, intelligence or technology companies.


Our team has decades of experience working in risk and developing technology, allowing us to provide services to a variety of blue chip organisations across many industry sectors which include insurance, finance, legal, recruitment and government.


We use a combination of proven and scalable open source technologies, commercial off the shelf solutions and our own bespoke service. Our service carries out the heavy lifting and presents the outcome to you through a familiar interface.


Customer relationships are always the main focus at Albany. We continuously strive both to recognise and understand their existing needs and be constantly responsive to changing requirements.


Rather than creating a product that tries to be everything to all people, we've decided to focus on providing the best intelligence & compliance tools in the insurance, financial, legal and due diligence sectors.

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