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Conect™, our award-winning Supply Chain & Compliance Management software. 

Who are we?

We are Albany, an award-winning company specialising in risk and intelligence software and we're proud to serve some of the biggest names in insurance and financial services!


Founded in 2007, we're built on decades of insurance industry, analytical and military expertise — focused on delivering the most powerful intelligent risk management platform.

Our mission is to bring our customers control, insight and simplicity — to drive efficiencies, protect reputations and embed supply chain regulatory compliance.

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Stewart - Co-Founder / CEO

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Adam - Co-Founder / COO


David - CTO

We're proud to be trusted by:

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What is Conect™?

Introducing Conect™, the automated Know Your Business (KYB) solution that helps you screen potential clients and partners and ensure compliance with regulations.


Conect™ provides a centralised hub for all your KYB data, including contract repository, alerts, tasks, and insurance policies. It also offers unprecedented access to data such as compliance reports, PEP & sanctions, adverse media monitoring, company data, UBOs, credit risk, and more.


Conect™ is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their KYB processes, save money and time, and make informed business decisions. Deploy Conect™ within minutes with no long-term contract and no training required.

Albany Group Conect Desktop by Haus of Hiatus 2.png


Introducing Conect™ Pro

Conect™ Pro is a powerful third-party management platform that streamlines your third-party management process.


It helps you manage vendor contracts, track vendor performance, run audits, assess vendor risk, and make informed decisions about which vendors to work with.

Conect™ Pro is easy to use and customisable, so you can tailor it to meet the unique needs of your business.

Try Conect™ Pro today and take your vendor management to the next level.


Industry Accreditation

We're an industry-recognised leader in supplier management, honoured with prestigious certifications for innovation and excellence.

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Unlocking the Power of Conect: How Your Business Can Benefit from Using Conect


Cost savings in each area


Additional contribution to net revenue from supply chain initiatives  


increase in third-party spend managed per Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) reflecting ability to better leverage talent


increase in EBITDA and share price upon completion of the entire transformation 

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Harness The Power of Automation

Conect™ will enable you to make better use of your time, team, and money. It does this by reducing the cost of customer service, building meaningful relationships with suppliers, and extracting valuable insights to improve efficiency and effectiveness. In today's competitive financial services market, Conect is the solution you need to succeed. 

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Onboard New Partnerships 

Determine the risk of arrangements with third parties

Exercise proper due diligence

Use a streamlined data collection process to quickly direct new partnerships to the right department and assign responsible individuals and teams for assessment. This will ensure efficient handling of partnerships

Answer a series of questions to generate a risk assessment. The score will determine the scope and frequency of due diligence work, so you can focus on the highest-risk areas

Exercise proper due diligence 

The dynamic risk-based framework streamlines due diligence on third parties by providing a collaborative platform for collecting and reviewing information. It also helps you to identify and manage risks associated with third-party relationships

What our Clients Say:

"In the short period of time we have engaged with Albany Group’s Conect product, we have been able to provide enhanced visibility of core and critical third parties to centralise, harmonise and shorten essential but repetitive processes and ensure a single and central product through which business critical data and documentation can flow delivering considerable savings across the business”


~ Clint Milnes, Chief Information Officer, WINN Group

Benefits of using Conect

  • Less time reviewing documents

  • Faster onboarding

  • Time saving in annual suppler management Less contract slippage

  • Increase in supplier performance through being proactively managed

  • On average 8-10 man hours per supplier, per annum, saved on administrative burden.

  • Faster regulatory response








How to buy


0207 416 6665

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