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One solution. Infinite possibilities.

Save money with Conect™

Say goodbye to manual KYB processes and hello to Conect™!


Our automated solution provides a centralized hub for all your KYB data, including contract repository, alerts, tasks, and insurance policies.


With unprecedented access to data like compliance reports, PEP & sanctions, adverse media monitoring, company data, UBO’s, credit risk, and more, Conect™ is the perfect tool for businesses of all sizes.


Save time and money and make informed business decisions by deploying Conect™ within minutes with no long-term contract and no training required.


Try Conect™ now and start streamlining your KYB processes today!

How it works:

What our Clients Say:

"In the short period of time we have engaged with Albany Group’s Conect product, we have been able to provide enhanced visibility of core and critical third parties to centralise, harmonise and shorten essential but repetitive processes and ensure a single and central product through which business critical data and documentation can flow delivering considerable savings across the business”


~ Clint Milnes, Chief Information Officer, WINN Group

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Level up with Conect Pro

Conect™ Pro

Elevate your vendor management with Conect™ Pro! Our platform simplifies the third-party management process by helping you track vendor performance, manage contracts, run audits, and assess risk. It's easy to use and customisable to fit your business needs. Upgrade your vendor management game and try Conect™ Pro today!


Conect™ is designed to deliver results — fast.


Quick to implement and simple to master, typically: the platform is live within 24 hours; organisational discovery is complete within 14 days; key assessments, reports, workflows and events are live at 30 days; and after 30 days the organisation is able to test, customise and fully harness the platform.

Processing workflows 
Customise and harness

Trusted by decision makers

  • Chief Risk Officer

  • Head Procurement

  • Compliance teams

  • Head Claims Operations

  • GRC teams

  • Global Operations Directors

  • Head of Supplier/Vendor







How to buy

0207 416 6665

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