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Albany Group partners with Sapiens to simplify regulatory compliance

One of the great things about building a company is watching it grow, so the announcement of our partnership with Sapiens — one of the world's most trusted providers of insurance industry software solutions — is very special indeed. As part of our mission to bring customers control, insight and simplicity, the partnership provides an end to end regulatory and compliance solution, integrating our Conect™ technologies within the Sapiens Global P&C Policy Administration Platform. 

Traditionally highly regulated, global reporting requirements in the insurance industry are rigorous. Albany Group's Conect™ automated compliance solution brings comprehensive supply chain management, encompassing all regulatory, compliance, contractual and professional demands. It allows companies to identify risk, embed compliance and brings peace of mind.

Our software also allows insurers to create a bespoke global network with their partners for seamless collaboration. The partnership between Sapiens and Albany Group will enable Sapiens’ customers to meet strict industry regulatory requirements — reducing costs, complexity and risk. 

Conect™ and Sapiens are a natural fit. We've long admired Sapiens and the benefits it brings to the global insurance market. With many mutual clients, combining our technologies brings real additional value to our customers — simplifying software integration so configurable compliance comes virtually at the touch of a button.

The partnership with Sapiens is a clear demonstration of our intent. Our ambition is for relentless growth, ongoing innovation and continued development so that Albany Group’s ground-breaking regulatory technologies streamline, automate and simplify insurance industry supply chains. Partnerships are at the heart of our development strategy, and we know that this collaboration marks the beginning of a long-term and productive relationship with Sapiens.

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