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Albany Group announces industry-changing partnership with Creditsafe to mitigate supplier risk

We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with global business intelligence experts, Creditsafe, as we continue to grow and deliver businesses control, insight and simplicity.

Our new partnership will integrate Creditsafe’s extensive data into our Conect™ platform. Allowing insurance companies to build open and transparent supply chains by further enhancing their visibility and oversight of them.

As part of our mission to bring control, insight and simplicity to the insurance industry, this integration will strengthen a business's ability to manage supplier risk and credit risk ratings to a greater extent than before. With both areas increasingly coming under the microscope of regulators, this marks an important step in futureproofing and safeguarding business operations.

Conect™ helps to manage and organise all regulatory, compliance, contractual and professional needs of any extensive supply chain, allowing companies to identify risk and stay compliant. Our software also allows insurers to create a bespoke global network with their partners for seamless collaboration.

Speaking about the partnership, our CEO and co-founder, Stewart Griffiths, said:

“We’re extremely pleased to announce this partnership with Creditsafe. With supplier management and risk being highly scrutinised by the regulators, the insurance industry must be a step ahead by enhancing its visibility and staying on top of any potential risks. Data alone does not solve anything, it's how that data is harnessed and analysed which will make the difference."

You can learn more about our Conect™ platform here:

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